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*JKM's new 5 side/5axis machine(5C5A-5X) has been completed now. 

 This new machine has DD motor for both A axis(C axis) and B axis.

  Stroke: 5X-410     650mm     5X-510     750mm

  This might be the most excellent machining center in the world now. 

  There are some similar machine displayed at the show but every machine

  is more than $1 Million and almost 3 times as ours!


  New Youtube channel has been up now in both English and Japanese at 




*Our partner-Independent Ink Inc. Direct printing on the foods business is spreading out now.

  Both Offline, Inline and Small Printers are on demand for many Food manufacturers.   

  Cookie, Chocolate and even Mochi-Ice Cream are the ones to have pictures and letters on.


  Also 73X is the special ink approved uniquely to aeroplane industry. This ink is specialized for

  all the parts of aeroplanes.   Please contact us about this ink information.  






*Anti-Static Ionizer is also sold by A-Walk USA,INC. not only for USA market

  but also other countries.

  We have a various products to eliminate the electric static.   


  Under the Covid-19 sitution and the semi-conductors market demand, A-Walk has sold out a number of Ionizers

  to Semi-conductor manufacturers continuously.

  After this serious condition, we are still contributing the companies which have a lot of static problems.

  Let us know if you do have any static problems at your production lines and testing facilities.


*A-Walk has been also selling the chemicals of Developer, Primer and Photoresist directly from Japan

  for Optical and Semi-Conductor markets.

  Please contact us anytime about your demand of these kind of chemicals. 

  Now we have more than 40 years experiences in USA market.







Our task is to bring the many excellent products buried in the shadows

into the sunlight! Step by step ... like A-Walk!




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