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1. Ink, Solvent and Printer for any Industrial Markets

Collaborating with Independent Ink Inc., A-Walk provides the total solution for printing on any merchandise.


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2. Chemicals for Optical Disc Market etc.

Photoresist, Thinner, Primer(OAP), Developer etc.......




3. 5 side/5 axis Machining Center with Vertical and Horizontal machine functions

Non-comparable next generation machining center and only one in the world now!



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4. Static Control

Eliminate electrostatic damages produced at cell phone, LCD, PTV screen, CD/DVD and Computer related products factories. 

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5. RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Reader

Wireless Radio Communications and Data Collection for Retail, Logistics and Vertical Industries.
You can use WLAN or Bluetooth in local network and GPRS or GSM for remote use.


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6. Gravity Shock Recorder『G-MEN』

An ultra compact data recorder records vibration and inclination in three directions.

This one unit will change the distribution of goods. 3 axis acceleration sensor born by micro machine technology.

* Checking and Recording of the quality assurance of shipped goods.
* Recording vibration on a conveyer line, a ship, a mobile TV Broadcast vehicle.
* Recording the travel safety of containers, etc.
* Recording the operating time of a rented heavy machine.


G-Men DR01 pdf

* G-Men DR20 pdf

* G-Men DR100 pdf

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7. Licensed Products


Licensed merchandise and goods of American Big Sports.
A-Walk USA,INC. used to be a licensee of MLB and MLBP and now making the most of this experience, we can negotiate to purchase the products related with American Big Sports as well as advise about the contract with the license companies.



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